Columbus Circle Pop-Up Store

We were hired to establish Fab’s first brick and mortar store at Turnstyle, a new underground retail concourse at the Columbus Circle subway station.

Our brief was to design a retail environment that complements Fab’s brand aesthetic and tone, yet remains shoppable and functional.



We created a limited vocabulary of prismatic shapes and colors, then manipulated their use within the different zones of the store. The same shapes appear recessed on one wall while extruded on another; in large hanging light installations, but also in small acrylic merchandising trays.



To keep up with Fab’s constantly evolving product lineup, we created a cohesive kit of parts for a modular retail display that complements Fab’s aesthetic and allows for maximum flexibility and functionality. 



We also paid attention to the after hours experience of the store, wanting to make an eye-catching design that would intrigue commuters and visitors long after the shop has closed for the night.